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Misaka Mikoto, Railgun by Minakichan
Misaka Mikoto, Railgun

A donation commission I took for the Animation Supporters IndieGoGo. It's Misaka Mikoto, the titular Railgun in A Certain Scientific Railgun, from her street-clothes outfit when infiltrating the Sisters Project labs in Railgun S.

I really love the character (top 9 waifus yo) and this arc and the outfit. I haven't read the manga, but even if you saw this arc in Index, I'd recommend the Railgun S version-- way more emotionally impactful and cool since it focuses on Misaka.

The background for this is all composite-- no painting, hahahaha. It's a combination of layer effects, various brushes, textures, shapes, and a ton of warping and distorting. The best way to make a background, if you ask me ^^;

Sometimes I really want to draw either a super animu style or a super realistic style, but I always end up somewhere in the middle orz.

Adobe Photoshop!
I had a ton of restarts on this one so it probably took me about 40 hours orz
This is long, but important!

I love anime. Do you love anime? Do you have a favorite? Has anime ever impacted your life for the better? Or even just cheered you up on a bad day? If so, please consider the people who make it, too!

As you may or may not know, young Japanese animators tolerate some pretty terrible working conditions-- they start out making a horrendously tiny salary of $10,000 a year, and can work some hundred-plus hours a week. Far, far, FAR below minimum wage here, even though they're living in a developed country in the city. It's basically sweatshop level-- they can't afford places to live, or families, and they endure very harsh working conditions to pursue their dreams. And this is all to make the entertainment we love! The majority burn out very quickly. It's a very big problem for the industry.

There's a new IndieGoGo campaign at… that's striving to change this! It's run by veterans of the Japanese animation industry, to help provide housing to these young overworked, underpaid animators, so they can worry less about rent and focus more on pursuing their dreams. It's a smallish campaign for a handful of animators for now, but it could pave the way for bigger change overall. If you have some money, please consider contributing! You'll get some cool artwork and help make a real difference in people's lives-- so they can make more anime! And even if you don't have much cash, please contribute a dollar or share with your friends!

I've contributed way more to this than I've ever put in to a Kickstarter-like crowdfunding campaign. That's how important this is to me, as someone who loves this medium. But since I can't really contribute much more, I still want to find some way to support.

:star:Here's the free commission part:star:

From now until the end of the campaign, I'll be taking free commissions for anyone who contributes to this-- I'll spend 3 minutes drawing for every $1 you contribute (so $10 is a nice, polished half-hour sketch. More is, well, more!!). Whatever you want! However you want! The money determines polish level, color, digital, etc. Please respond or note me if you're interested!

Of course, I'm only one person and don't have that much reach on deviantART. If you have friends here and think this is a worthy cause, would you consider trying to do the same? To draw to support the people who draw amazing animation? I hope this project becomes SUCH a huge success that dorms like this pop up everywhere and we can eventually put an end to the awful conditions animators have to go through! It's a big task, but there's never been a better opportunity to make a difference! Please let me know if you'd consider helping!

PS: There are a lot of resources on the web if you want to learn more about animator working conditions, but this campaign is especially important given this recent news (warning, pretty depressing)…


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I write comics and doujinshi, make video games and video game art, and draw fanart and illustrations in multiple media (my faves are Illustrator, COPIC, and acrylic). Check out my Etsy shop for comics, posters, body pillows, and commissions!

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